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Return of the Sun Devil

Feature Presentation and Concept Art

Feature Presentation and Concept Art

Feature Synopsis

War between the Goddesses has torn the enchanted realm apart. 


The evil MOON GODDESS’ army – the KUROTSAI, led by her son THE BARON – has crushed the armies of the SUN GODDESS.   Even the Sun Temple’s peaceful worshippers are being systematically wiped out.


The last beacon of hope is the devout Princess Kiyoko.  Defying her father, she has left the Hidden Fortress in a desperate attempt to connect with the Sun Goddess.  The Baron - in a devious attack - captures her, all but ensuring victory.  Without a link to the Sun Goddess, a dark age will engulf the realm. 


The wizard Yukari, once High Mage of the Moon Goddess, now pledges to help Lord Yashiburi rescue his only daughter.  By his side is the young idealistic Shingen who is honor-bound to save the Princess after having failed to stop her abductors.  Together they search for Hirohawa of the Ashikage – the legendary SUN DEVIL long thought to be dead.


They find Hirohawa in self-imposed exile, in a far off city of thieves and deserters.  Having long hung up his sword, he has sworn never to fight again – a vow to the thousands of men he lost.  But a debt of honor revealed mysteriously by Yukari convinces him to join them on their mission.


And so, the unlikely trio…a young soldier with more courage than skill, a powerful wizard looking for redemption, and a broken warrior who has lost all faith with no interest in war…must somehow find a way onto the Moon Goddess’ impenetrable floating castle and save Princess Kiyoko before the darkness engulfs the realm forever.

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